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A 180 EAN

Hygiene agent for humidifier, 1 liter CapacityBoneco Clean & Protect A180 is a German-made disinfectant solution for perfectly humidified, disinfected and clean indoor airNo matter where you are: ..


A051 aroma pad

for the aroma diffuser and ionizer P50...Extra thick textile mat material for maximum hold of the essential oilsEncased in an aroma pad case made of PE material, suitable for all types of essential oi..



2-in-1 water filter for humidifier nebulizerLasts 5x longer than conventional water filtersSaves money - enough for the whole seasonFor all ultrasonic devices except U7131, U7136, U7137 and U7138Consi..


A341 filter

Natural immediate help for allergy sufferers. For use in the P340 air purifier.Filter combination: pre-filter + HEPA filter + activated carbon filterFilters: dust, pollen, hair, allergens, viruse..


A401 ALLERGY filter

Reduces allergic reactions in your family. Replacement filter for the BONECO air purifier P400.To the air purifier P400.Reduces 99% of allergens on the filterReduces allergic reactions in your fa..


A402 BABY filter

Protects your family from viruses and bacteria. Replacement filter for the BONECO air purifier P400.To the air purifier P400.Protects your family from viruses and bacteriaPatented technologyFilter com..


A403 SMOG filter

Filters for city dwellers and smokers. Replacement filter for the BONECO air purifier P400.To the air purifier P400.Reduces tobacco smoke, harmful gases such as VOC, formaldehyde, odors, exhaust ..


A451 anti-limescale pad

Reduces limescale build-up on the evaporator shell of the S200, S250 and S450The anti-limescale pad has been specially developed for the BONECO evaporators. It reduces the calcification of the ev..


A681 HYBRID filter

A specially coated filter package is combined in a HYBRID filter. Use in the HYBRID humidifier & air purifier H680.To the HYBRID humidifier & air purifier H680.The innovative filter coating of..


A7017® Ionic Silver Stick

Inhibits microbial growth in your humidifier. Use: only intended for humidifiersOne season of optimal water quality maintenance in the water baseWorks as soon as it comes into contact with water – eve..


A7018 evaporator mat

Easily exchangeable evaporator mat for the humidifier evaporator E2441A.Made of environmentally friendly paper for optimal humidification performanceFor optimal evaporation performance, replace the ma..


A702 filter set

Odor-free, fresh air to breathe. Use in the P700 air purifier. To the P700 air purifier.Removes 99% fine dust / PM 2.5, reduces tobacco smoke, harmful gases such as VOC, odors, exhaust gases..


A7417 CalcOff

The cleaning and descaling agent for all humidifiers...Specially tailored composition for cleaning and decalcifying air humidifiersEasy to use: mix with 1L hot water and leave to work in a water tub f..


Air Purifier P340

Breathe freely thanks to intelligent functionality.The smart functionality of the P340 air purifier lets you breathe deeply. The A341 filter with its HEPA and activated carbon coating ensures clean ai..


Air Purifier P400

Clean air in every room of your homeThe P400 Air Purifier gives you highly efficient air purification at home. Insert the filter that meets your needs: ALLERGY (standard equipment), BABY or SMOG. Whet..


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